Friday, March 19, 2010
Life is busy with 4 kids and I've become a facebook junkie. Those are my excuses for neglecting the blog. I still seem to have time to be on the computer and here is my most recent find. These are cute enough to make me want to learn to crochet! Maybe I'll write more next time. Sammy is screaming... must go pick up the baby.
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At 8:57 PM, Blogger jamie christine said........
are you sending any pictures of him for me with Mom & Dad? I don't have any on my kitchen board and I'm sad! hey, those SW amigurumi are SO cute, I just emailed one of the preschool moms to see if she can teach me how to make them. which doesn't help you.

At 9:57 PM, Blogger Their Giant said........
Just wanted to tell you that I went ahead and peaked at your blog.

Glad I got lots of smiles from Sam tonight. See you Thursday (I hope) :)